The propaganda apparatus the globalisation lobby

How is it possible that, despite all the negative experiences, the Western world still relies on the abolition of customs duties and free trade zones, thereby continuing to support and promote the globalisation mania?

It is only when you really look at the structures of power that it becomes clear that this inhumane and unworldly politics can be explained.


The sophisticated system of influence:

1) Business institutes financed by business associations provide politics and the media with globalisation-friendly reports and statistics.

2) On this basis, influence is also being exerted on the subject matter of economic policy at secondary schools and universities.

3) Throughout their training, economic journalists and WiPo teachers were largely attuned to the alleged benefits of tariff reductions and free trade zones.
As a result, they are usually biased and pre-programmed and are hardly in a position to form their own opinions and think about alternatives.

In some cases, critical texts (for example, from me) are also used in school lessons or used for teacher training.
But this is only happening in particularly open-minded federal states and can hardly do anything against the general dominance of the prevailing free trade culture.

4) The fervent advocates of free trade ideology, who were cultivated during their studies of economics, will usually pass on what they once learned as a journalist.

Correspondingly, the media are unbearably unilaterally aligned.
In principle, globalisation is approved and declared unchangeable (according to the spirit of the times).

The same thing is happening with the EU, which is in fact an inflated and unjust free trade area, and which collides with the sharp wage and tax differentials in an unbuffered manner.
The consequences: wage dumping, tax dumping, bureaucratisation mania, subsidy instead of market economy, gigantic transfer payments (debt union) etc.

5) Tens of thousands of corporate hired professional lobbyists are constantly working to convince key politicians of the benefits of duty-free travel (globalisation and the EU). Opponents of this free trade mania have virtually no lobby.

6) High party donations from the industry also contribute to a benevolent relationship of trust. Well-paid positions on the supervisory boards of corporations and generously rewarded lecture evenings can certainly influence the neutrality of some politicians.


Conclusion: If you consider the cycle of opinion-forming, you will hardly be surprised by the customs phobia of western governments and established parties.


Excuse me!
There is no equality of opportunity - even when it comes to forming opinions. While the capital (corporations, speculators, lobbyists, media, governments) can afford the best translators, I have to settle for a simple language program for financial reasons. I hope, however, that the text is nevertheless reasonably understandable and that no major mistakes have occurred. Thank you for your understanding.

Manfred Julius Müller, 24939 Flensburg (Flensburg has approx. 90,000 inhabitants and lies on the German-Danish border)


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