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Capital-friendly views dominate the media and thus also the formation of opinion. Even on the Internet, you can already feel the superiority of capital. A few weeks ago, I took a look at the 100 best placed links in the google ranking under the keyword "globalization". To a greater or lesser extent, all sides were pro-globalisation; criticism was, if at all, very cautious. The really great disadvantages of globalisation (for example, declining net wages in real terms for decades, continuing mass unemployment and tens of millions of precarious employment relationships in high-wage countries) were not even mentioned. In the meantime, private and public media are also dominating the Internet.

As with globalisation, capital-driven propaganda shapes public opinion on many other key issues (EU, free trade, understanding of democracy, etc.).With the modest means of a simple private individual, I try with this alternative lexicon to convey critical remarks and background knowledge and thus give an impulse for long overdue debates and arguments.

Manfred Julius Müller
Flensburg, the 14.12.2017

This page is under construction. It is supplemented weekly.

agricultural subsidies
The fear of the British peasents of brexite! We cannot survive without EU agricultural subsidies!"

brexit consequences
The political and economic consequences of the UK leaving the EU
An analytical consideration from German view.

capitalist empowerment law
The capitalist empowerment law

When's the Dexit coming? (the withdrawal of Germany from the EU)

eu democracy
How much democracy can withstand the EU?

european union
"We have to explain Europe better!"

No more export dependency!

fallling wages
In Germany wages have been falling since 1980. Why?

free trade ideology
The failure of the West - Result of the free trade ideology?

germany benefits
"Germany benefits ..."

Globalization: the ignorance of the facts

globalization developing countries
The impact of globalization on developing countries

globalisation lobby
The propaganda apparatus the globalisation lobby

globalization productivity
The international division of labor is counterproductive!

globalization production
Globalization: "One cannot produce that with us anymore!"

The fairy tale of the international division of labor
market saturation
Is there indeed a general market saturation?

open europe
Brainwashing: "We want an open Europe!"

political union
Should the EU become a political union, new problems arise!

taboo subject protectionism

rule of stock
The rule of our german law becomes a laughing stock

skills shortage
Germany: The brazen proclamation of skills shortage!

Trump, Donald
Does Donald Trump initiate the end of globalization?

Unemployment statistics
How honest is the German unemployment statistics?

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1st edition September 2017
2nd edition October 2017

Manfred Julius Müller
Independent economic and futurologist

"With today's technology, humanity as a whole could enjoy twice as much wealth as is customary in Germany - one simply has to free oneself from the capital-contaminated heresies of the past."

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