Manfred Julius Müller has analyzed global economic processes for more than 30 years. He is the author of various books on the topics of globalization, capitalism and politics. Some texts by Manfred Julius Müller also found their way into textbooks or are used for teacher training.

Current books by Manfred Julius Müller (unfortunately currently only available in German):
THE CAPITAL and the world economic crises - only Euro 5.80
THE CAPITAL and the welfare state - only Euro 7.90
OUT OF THE EU or persevere until the sinking? - only Euro 5,90
The free trade delusion - only Euro 6.50
Humanity knows no boundaries. Stupidity, but not too! - only Euro 6.80
Only Fairtrade! The capitalist Reformation! 42 theses for a fairer world! - only 5,- Euro


1st edition September 2017
2nd edition October 2017

Manfred Julius Müller
Independent economic and futurologist

"With today's technology, humanity as a whole could enjoy twice as much wealth as is customary in Germany - one simply has to free oneself from the capital-contaminated heresies of the past."

Only Fairtrade
The capitalist Reformation! 42 theses for a fairer world!
Paperback by Manfred J. Müller, selling price 5, - Euro
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(unfortunately currently only available in German)