The rule of law becomes a laughing stock

Is our german rule of law still functioning? One could seriously doubt it! If one thinks, for example, of the timid or unsuccessful deportation efforts of rejected asylum seekers, one thinks one is in a banana republic rather than a constitutional state.

Do you still have great confidence in our rule of law? Germany does not even succeed in deporting potential terrorists and foreign serious criminals. Hundreds of thousands of rejected asylum seekers repeatedly make Germany the laughing stock of the world's public opinion, because they can dance on the nose of our judiciary with the simplest of means.

Often it is sufficient to disappear for a few days just before the expiry of the deportation period or to simulate an illness. Or you can temporarily use the church asylum. Once the three-month window of time has elapsed, the authorities are powerless. In that case, asylum seekers must not even be sent back to their country of origin. Then many of them will have the right to be lavishly provided for and endured by the German welfare state during their lifetime, along with their extended family. This is particularly beneficial for refugees who come to us with severely disabled family members.

This perversion of our legal system is made possible by the lax, ultraliberal (naive) interpretation of our Basic Law. The Basic Law has been changed several dozen times in the last 70 years, but it seems to me that most of the time to its disadvantage.
Citizens' rights were supposedly strengthened, humanism constantly expanded and people living in the welfare state (including immigrants) were granted a "subsistence level" that normal households abroad do not even dare to dream of.

Our welfare state now has a permanent duty to ensure that the constitutional judges (who are allowed to interpret the Basic Law) are not interested in the financial possibilities. This has now reached the point where working families in Germany are often worse off than comparable Hartz IV families. I openly admit that I regard this development as perverse. After all, it is only seemingly social, humane and citizen-friendly.In truth, it turns all the rules of decency and reason upside down! The money for the lavish social welfare must come from somewhere. In the end, it is the case that low and normal earners are cured of wage taxes and social security contributions up to the pain threshold in order to be able to pay and fulfil the supposedly social election promises.


Wrong where you look - not even the minimum wage law is respected.
Our politicians have designed the laws in such a way that corporations can carry out wage dumping to their hearts' content. It is generally known, for example, that courier drivers of parcel services often (if not mostly) earn considerably less than the legal minimum wage provides for it and that they are forced to go on tours that they can never manage during normal working hours. But through the interlaced subcontracting (when will this inhuman system finally be banned) behind which corporations can hide, the door is open to exploitation.

In this respect, we have long since had a two-class legal system in Germany. There are once hardened petty and serious criminals, illegal immigrants, terrorists, etc. from abroad, who are hard to cope with, and who pervert our liberal legal system with relish - and on the other hand just the locals, who have to pay their own legal costs themselves and, for this reason alone, can hardly take an excessively long legal route as a rule (and who are also not protected by the numerous human rights organisations and churches).


© Manfred J. Müller, Flensburg 

Manfred Julius Müller analysiert seit über 30 Jahren weltwirtschaftliche Abläufe. Er ist Autor verschiedener Bücher zu den Themenkomplexen Globalisierung, Kapitalismus und Politik.


Welche wirtschaftlichen Konsequenzen muss Deutschland aus der Coronakrise ziehen?

Nun beginnt der zähe Kampf gegen Vorurteile, Irrlehren, Schönfärbereien und verschleppte Reformen. Ein "Weiter-So!" kann und darf es nach Corona nicht geben. Denn wenn sich grundlegend nichts ändert, droht ein Kollaps der Weltwirtschaft. Dann werden im- und exportabhängige Staaten zu drastischen Maßnahmen greifen müssen (Währungsreformen, Hyperinflationen, Vermögensabgaben, Steueranhebungen, höhere Sozialversicherungsbeiträge, Kürzungen der Renten, Sozialhilfen usw.).

Überrumpelung und Propaganda statt repräsentative Demokratie?
Die wirklich systemrelevanten Entscheidungen (Abschaffung der DM, schleichende Umwandlung Deutschlands zum Vielvölkerstaat, seit 10 Jahren manipulierte Nullzinspolitik, EU-Schulden-Transferunion, Verzicht auf funktionsfähige Staatsgrenzen usw.) wurden ohne Wählerauftrag getroffen! Eine allmähliche Akzeptanz des von oben verordneten Wandels entwickelte sich erst im Nachhinein über eine permanente Propaganda (Umerziehung). Was hat eine solche Praxis, ein solches Vorgehen noch mit einer repräsentativen Demokratie gemein? Wie machtlos ist der einzelne Bürger, wenn selbst Wahlen zur Farce werden?


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"Die Wandlung Deutschlands nach der Corona-Krise"
Zerbricht jetzt die verlogene, konzernfreundliche Welt des Gesinnungsjournalismus? Endet nun auch die Tyrannei naiver Pseudo-Gutmenschen?
Wie Unaufrichtigkeit, geschönte Wirtschaftsdaten und hartnäckige Vorurteile in der Vergangenheit zu verhängnisvollen Fehlentwicklungen führten, die bei der anstehenden Neuordnung korrigiert werden müssen.
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