No more export dependency!

Our economy is sick! It suffers from an acute dependence on exports. But instead of admitting this disease and initiating healing processes, the deplorable state of things is being talked into. We are proudly pointing to the title of Vice-Export World Champion and, against our better knowledge, claiming that export dependency promotes prosperity for all of us.

The numbers speak a completely different language!
Since 1980, inflation-adjusted net wages and pensions have been falling, although productivity has doubled over time! But this contradiction is ignored and kept quiet, it does not fit our people's representatives in the picture of the much-vaunted usefulness of the EU or globalisation.


An export dependency is not a blessing!
The dependence on exports is a constant pressure on our country:

Employees and employers find themselves in permanent international price competition, which forces a downward wage spiral.

Most industrial sectors have already succumbed to the global competition. We can no longer even produce our clothes, shoes, computers, mobile phones, cameras, television sets, etc. ourselves - we have to import everything.

We have to keep our remaining export industries in good spirits with subsidies, low taxes, VAT exemptions and so on.

We also have to subsidise part of our sales markets with gigantic sums of money (e. g. via the EU).

Whenever a country in the EU (and especially in the eurozone) comes into distress, our taxpayers should step in. The euro zone has degenerated into a transfer union, which can only be held together by a breathtaking, highly explosive glut of bill-money (which the savers are gradually dispossessed of).

The imposition of a glut of bill-money will then also fuel disgusting currency dumping, which will make German exports cheaper and imports more expensive without need and will give our country a high, unhealthy current account surplus (which will cause other countries to become distorted).
The drug euro soft currency reduces the pressure on our industry to reform and weakens its competitiveness in the long term. It is rarely possible to free oneself from such a seductive dependence on currency dumping and find one's way back to a stable currency.

But that is probably what our political leaders want: In any case, it seems that Germany is to be tied to the euro and the EU forever and never again be given the opportunity to resign or to decide on its own fate.

We German-Europeans must give in, must give in. No matter what, in any dispute in the EU, we lose out because, after all, we must "profit from the EU" (the exact opposite is the case) and not jeopardise our markets.


That is why the permanent national dulling of the people is a thing of the past, and the insane dependence on exports is a thing of the past!

Instead of global, uncontrollable financial capitalism, we once again need a functioning market economy that can only exist in an intact economic area with equal conditions (wages, taxes, environmental constraints).
A market economy can never exist in an unfair EU or world market with very different conditions!

We therefore need higher tariffs (in order to compensate for the different levels of production costs) or similarly effective measures such as higher VAT on industrial goods. The additional income enables the social security contributions to be reduced, i. e. the German wage costs to be lowered, thus enabling the reconstruction of lost industrial sectors.

All this would initiate a normalisation process: Less export (less dependence on exports), less import (less dependence on imports), fairer conditions of competition (back to the market economy), rising real wages and recovery of public finances.The book "DAS KAPITAL und die Globalisierung" explains clearly, objectively and unequivocally how this works and why.


Excuse me!
There is no equality of opportunity - even when it comes to forming opinions. While the capital (corporations, speculators, lobbyists, media, governments) can afford the best translators, I have to settle for a simple language program for financial reasons. I hope, however, that the text is nevertheless reasonably understandable and that no major mistakes have occurred. Thank you for your understanding.

Manfred Julius Müller, 24939 Flensburg (Flensburg has approx. 90,000 inhabitants and lies on the German-Danish border)


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